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Service Plans

FaithComms has no interest in data brokering. Subscriber responses are kept behind a secure environment hidden from public sight and are protected from being exposed even from our perspective. No human views any bit of your data except for the aggregate digest email sent directly to you. 


  • 1x Surveys per Month 

  • Dedicated Service Line

  • Customer Portal 

  • Digest Email

  • Info Blast

  • 6 Month Contract

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  • Pay Per Message

  • Dedicated Service Line

  • Customer Portal

  • Digest Insights

  • Info Blast

  • 12 Month Contract

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Fostering Belonging

Foster belonging by attuning to your flock and discerning in-demand events,
community notifications, and how best to address spiritual hangups. Give a voice to the less vocal and help people feel heard.   
sheep colored..jpeg
sheep colored..jpeg

Subscribing to the Channel

Parishioners can subscribe any time by texting a single keyword from their mobile device. With the intake system built to scale, your channel can have any number of subscribers. Keyword "STOP" sent at anytime, will unsubscribe them.
View our
Resources page to learn more or participate in our interactive demo below.

The SMS-Survey

Our templatized survey structure allows any question to be created, responded to, and understood with ease. Decide what you want to understand about your parish and our system takes care of the rest. 
Mail with phone text and data insight.jpg

It Just Works

No download required. 

Simplified & 

As easy as responding to a text message.

Automated Response Gathering

You sit back and enjoy consuming 
auto-generated consumer grade insights. 
The numbers by year...
... and growing!
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