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Founded in America in 2021, FaithComms LLC aims to be a leader in community development by providing tools to increase engagement and community buy-in. 


Working over many nights, weekends, and off hours the FC team has done a tremendous job at coming together to build our MVP. We have learned many lessons and insights in our product development and cheer our continued success. We celebrate what has been done to this point, but there's a problem...Communities need leaders who are willing to dive into the weeds to understand spiritual hang ups. We all get stuck from time to time and need a shepherd to help us get unstuck. 

Instead of filling our paper surveys and collecting and counting responses manually, imagine a tool that can do this at scale in the span of one afternoon. And that can be replicable to ask different questions depending on the season. Information aside, people need leaders who prioritize understanding and action. That's why our first objective is what we are calling baseline. Achieving baseline requires parishioners to subscribe and respond to a question about how they want to be engaged. From there brings about our second objective which is engagement at scale. Achieving engagement at scale is done through thoughtful surveys to understand where someone is at spiritually, reviewing trends based on the gathered responses, and then responding appropriately to those trends in the community. These two objectives, if executed well will take your parish to new heights. Guaranteed. 


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