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360 Community Development

Security & Governance

Data gathering is 100% controlled and administered through you and anyone you appoint as a delegate. All data is entirely owned by your parish. You have full control of whom you want to share your collected insights and trends with. 

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Conversational SMS?

Unlock the potential of your community by utilizing the preferred communication method in the modern world: mobile text messaging. 

Engagement with ease through scalable conversational SMS surveys and our one-way information blasts.

Next Steps

Having security built in from end to end and dedicated to privacy, governance, and transparency we aim to empower your church to handle data responsibly. We view your trust as a sacred responsibility and of utmost importance to protect.

Try our demo and see from a parishioner's perspective how it works first hand.



Foster a sense of belonging outside of service.
Deliver most needed and impactful teachings per trend. 
Use collected data, insights, and trends to guide your community toward growth in all areas of parish life. 

Digest survey trends to address community variance across key categories such as personal beliefs, participation at church, parish connections, and more. Our Faith Gauge helps you understand and plan initiatives that guide individuals on their journey towards sanctification.


FaithComm's TEST Model





Our Mission

To realize a flourishing church using insights, data, and every day connectivity

in parishes across the world.

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